Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Boy's Bible

Thursday I was making sure the kids' backpacks were ready for school Sunday morning (they didn't have lessons on Friday), and as I was checking if the right books were in there, I came across the Boy's Bible on the shelf. The parting gift from P's previous family, the one that P threw in the recycle bin. I put it out to the shelf all visible next to his other books he brought over from the M's. It stayed there all day Friday and early today. P had seen it, he even moved books around it.

Then the M's called today - I really should start going all ultra orthodox and turn all phones off on the Shabbat - saying that I and A (P's biological half sisters) wanted to talk to him. Kevin reluctantly let them, but after a while P went completely quiet and after a while he hung up.

This afternoon as the boys left for a birthday party - one of their cousins just turned 10 - P wanted to make sure that he was coming home for sure. While Mr M is trying to help by easing the transition, somehow, unintentionally, he appears threatening in P's view. He gets stressed when I check my email and when the land line rings.

While they were gone I once again found the Boy's Bible discarded.  This time it was among the old newspapers. Once again I rescued it. I feel like P is doing it to feel like he has some control over the relationship with his previous family. I am not really sure how to make it easier for him, or for our whole family. I'm not sure once again about what I should do with the Bible either... Oh well.


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