Sunday, January 17, 2010

Worship is not just for Sunday

The other day I was reading Christine's blog, when I ran into the following video:

As many of you know, even though I'm Jewish, I love good Christian music: I love music that is about faith. I found the tune grow onto me, and as I was just talking to one of my Hungarian friend, we agreed that the song was quite good. I said - and please don't stop reading at this point that I found the video a tad creepy. Upon being asked why, I asked her, "Just picture someone doing this in the middle of Oktogon." Oktogon is a major intersection in Budapest. She did agree that would be creepy. Most people would assume that he was crazy, some would stare, most would try to ignore him, shaking their head. Someone might even call police.

The only reason for that is that we are so not used to one's public display of faith. Just think about it... what do you do when you feel overcome by the greatness of G-d in the middle of the grocery store? Do you ever let that happen to yourself?

Saying grace at dinner is wonderful, giving thanks for the food that was provided and asking for the blessing of G-d on it, but do you say grace over your morning cereal? Or do you bow your head over the meal you grab at McDonald's, the food court or any public place? Do you take a minute to pray with your toddler when you hand her some Cheerios to keep her quiet in the waiting room? Or is the blessing uttered when you just take a bite of a cereal bar, or grab a cookie from the cookie jar? Do we remember to always be grateful and express that gratefulness, no matter where we are or how small our meal seems to be?

It is said a good Jew utters at least 100 blessings every day. It is not only routine, it is really trying to always focus on G-d. Humans tend to need the reminders of the words they repeat, even if they truly desire to be real disciples.

Do we dare to publicly embrace our faith, even if we risk ridicule from those, who don't believe? Are we ready to be persecuted for our G-d? Are we ready to praise and worship when things go awfully wrong? Are we ready to accept the fact, that no matter how great Michael Card's El Shaddai sounds, we can't lift G-d high, because He is already the highest?

Are we willing to publicly praise and worship in any random place without the goal to convert others, only because we do feel that G-d is awesome, G-d is mighty?

Do I measure up? No, really, I'm not all that great of a Jew. I am far from the 100 blessings, I am far from keeping all th mitzvot, I am far from living my faith. I'm the first to admit that.


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