Thursday, January 7, 2010

Does Stephen Colbert have daughters?

Because if he does, I want my sons to marry them. Seriously.

That man is made of Awesome.

Roman Catholic Awesome. :-D Seriously, Colbert - the real Colbert, not the persona he plays in the Colbert report is made of all kinds of Awesome. Roman Catholic Democrat Awesome. And you know what makes him way way better than President Kennedy? He doesn't seem to be cheating on his wife.

Colbert made a commercial for the Hungarian edition of Comedy Central. They totally should have named that bridge after him. Megyeri-híd is such a stupid name. Actually I know quite a few people who refer to it as the Stephen Colbert-híd. Seriously, Colbert rocks.

Do I agree with all his politics? No. Do I agree with most of it? Yes. Do I think that human stupidity and ignorance are fair game to be made fun of, especially if it's people who are in positions where we expect people to be wiser and better than us. Yes, I love satire. I love how self righteous and arrogant conservatives take the Colbert Report seriously. I love how some of my wonderful conservative friends just shake their heads and do laugh at what's really funny. I love them for being true to their values.

I am now watching Colbert online, waiting for my usual Thursday night dose of [scrubs]. My kids are in bed, the two older ones reading in bed, the twins fast asleep. Tomorrow is my baby brother's 22nd birthday. Tomorrow at Sunset the Shabbat begins. And if you want to do something good for the Shabbat....


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