Saturday, March 27, 2010

Packing like crazy

So we are leaving for the US of A in a few hours. I haven't been back there since Kevin and I moved to Hungary more than 7 years ago. I really don't miss living in the US, and really, I am a little stressed about going back to some of the places, and I'm not 100% sure my iPAQ will work properly in the States, and I'm totally unconvinced about all the roaming tariffs... Anyone out there who can recommend me a good pre-paid service with data and text? Anyone?

I have to admit that I'm super happy that on this leg of our journey we won't have a layover. My kids love layovers and airports, I, and especially my credit card, not quite so. Every layover is like a miniature Christmas for the kids, and a not exactly miniature one for my wallet. And I can see a new collection of mini Coca Cola cans starting up. 

As I mentioned somewhere before, I just realized Thursday evening that all four of the boys outgrew their formal clothes. Unfortunately, they are far enough apart in age and size that the younger ones are still too small for the older ones' now outgrown clothes. Monday evening we are invited to a Seder that calls for dressing up nicely, so... yeah. You can guess where we will spend Monday morning... I could have imagined a better way to spend Monday.


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