Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The trip that keeps getting longer

So, originally, the plan was that we'd spend Pesach (Passover) in New York.

Then it was going to be 10 days in New York and DC.

Then 2 weeks.

We are coming up on three and a half weeks now. And it could be a lot longer.

The thing is, P. will need a passport to return to Israel. As his name is changing, he can no longer use his present passport(s). It was suggested by P's family that we should let him keep his present legal name, so his papers would be okay, but seriously, could that have been a serious idea?

At the US consulate we were told that getting a passport for P could take up to 6 weeks. It would take a while longer to get his Israeli paperwork started. Can you see where that would lead? Yeah, me, too. 

However, I decided to get in touch with the Hungarian consulate, who said that as P. continues to be a Hungarian citizen, his Hungarian passport can be made and delivered in about a week or ten days, rather, due to Easter. This, however, will involve officially informing the Republic of Hungary about the adoption disruption of a Hungarian citizen, something P's previous family is unhappy about.
 Oh well. 

So with everything going on, we should have P's paperwork all done in about two and a half weeks, but just to play safe, we are going to stay an extra week. P won't have an American passport for a while and he won't have an Israeli one for a while, but he will be able to travel on his Hungarian one. 

During our extra week, if things go smoothly, we will be traveling to Utah to see some of Kevin's family. The thought of going back to Utah makes me extremely nervous for some odd reason, but I can finally finish up some business while there and get chocolate milk from the BYU dairy. 


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