Monday, April 5, 2010

Can you get kosher food in Utah?

Well, we are done with the birthdays.

Mine was March 31, I turned 28. We celebrated in NYC, with kosher-for-Passover goodies, and kosher sushi. The next day Kevin and I headed up to Ithaca so I got to see Lay of the Land. We did finalize some of P's paperwork (got school records and the original immunization papers) while there and I got to meet my MTC companion. The original plan was taking the kids with us, stay a couple days, visit Palmyra and learn a bit about Mormonism, but then or wonderful hosts in NYC surprised Craig for his birthday with 5 passes to Six Flags in NJ, so we headed back to NYC, took P to the consulate to get his picture taken for the passport and played (fluff) friends offline.

On Saturday (bad Jew!) Kevin took the boys up to Six Flags, where they didn't get to take any food in, even though there is no kosher for Passover option, so double bad Jews. :-) I went to the consulate, voted in the elections, dropped off the last piece of paper (thanks to the nice guy who accomodated our messed up schedule), grabbed some food and met my boys in NJ. 

Now the next stop is Utah! Kevin's mom was all "But why don't you come Sunday morning, you are going to miss Easter!" while Kevin kept repeating "Mom, we don't do Easter. Neither do we do General Conference." She seemed okay with that, to be honest, though she risked the question of an Easter basket for P, as he is not Jewish (yet). We reaffirmed that we don't do Easter, however, we know that it's important for her, and we didn't want to ruin the celebrations.

To add to my Utah anxiety, my brother Sergei just let me know that our adoptive mother (yeah, the one who disrupted my adoption, yet thinks I still owe her for raising me) recently remarried and moved to Orem. Practically next door to where we are going to stay in Utah. While I don't think she knows I'll be in the state, and I doubt I'll be anywhere whee we can run into each other, the possibility, however slight, still freaks me out.


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