Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Utah Experience

So. Utah.

5 of Kevin's 6 siblings live between Salt Lake City and Provo. The 6th one is in Ogden. They are very Utahn: Pioneer stock on their dad's side, Armenian 1st generation convert on mom's side (though Kevin and Becca are actually 2nd generation Irish on their biological dad's side), so there is the mix of the strength of a century and a half of Mormon history and the zeal of the converts.

Many of Kevin's nieces and nephews are on spring break, so they get to meeth their cousins and my kids for the first time. You see, some of the family refuses to consider Kevin and I with our 4 children a family unit. Some of these nieces or nephews never really got to meet anyone, who wasn't LDS. So there are some interesting exchanges between the kids. Every once in a while I hear the boys pointing out to a certain cousin that Jesus was a Jew, which results is loud complaints to said cousin's mother/grandma about the boys being there when they are not even related...

Fortunately the other cousins that we have met so far get along way better with the boys. They have been playing a lot, and this morning my boys couldn't wait to meet up with the new found cousins to play in the snow! After all they have been practically snow deprived since moving to Israel! So we postponed our trip to Temple Square till this afternoon -- we are about to leave. We will have dinner at the Roof, even though Craig is not happy about the lack of kashrut - and lack of matzah! 

I don't think we will take one of the guided tours on TSQ, we don't want to cause permanent trauma to any of the lovely sister missionaries serving there! We want to visit the church history museum, though, and possibly the Family Search Center. I'm pretty sure we won't watch the Joseph Smith movie, though. I remember watching Legacy there, and how claustrophobic the theater made me feel. 

OK, gotta run!


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