Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eurovision countdown 10.

Today it's like happy hour: pay for one, take home two...

Sir Cliff Richard wasn't a Sir back then, but he represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest twice. The first time it was Congratulations back in 1968.

Don't forget, this is 1968. The resemblence to Austin Powers is overwhelming, but it is not complete till 1973's Power to All Our Friends.

Starting around the 0:49 mark you can see some interesting leg work that escalates to some rather embarassing "dance" around 2:25.

Visuals aside, both are great songs, and especially the latter song is a great favorite of mine. It hasn't aged, really. As one YouTube commenter said, it has that contemporary feel even today.

I grew up with Cliff Richard's music, and one of his songs is a karaoke favorite of mine. When I look at him, for some odd (though not mysterious) reason I always think of the two summers I got to spend in India, and of course Summer holiday is a frequently played song in my home during the month of June, leading up to the end of the school year (June 15 for my eldest, June 30 for the other three).

Cliff Richard, like Doctor Who, The Beatles and fish and chips is a must for our yearly British party. Cliff Richard calls for cucmber sandwiches and tea, with a taste of duck curry and ice cream.


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