Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eurovision countdown 11.

Israel's first ESC win, contrary to popular belief, wasn't about a polar bear wearing a wonderbra. I have blogged about the psychliguistic aspects of this song before, and I have blogged about the singer Yizhar Cohen before - pointing out that he is one of those men, who start to look REALLY good over the age of 50...

The song A-ba-ni-bi (and various spellings) has been a family favorite since before my birth. My elder brothers and sisters loved it and sang it often, and my twin borther entered a well known TV talent show with this song when we were 21. It was one of the first Hebrew songs my kids learned and it's one that they can totally do the dance for!

A-ba-ni-bi is a total disco love song. I'm a sucker for love songs. And Jewfros. How I wish Kevin would finally grow his hair out! He'd have a Jewfro, too.


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