Saturday, June 5, 2010

An almost perfect weekend

The "almost" part is that Kevin is still away, still nothing seems to move forward, so it's still the boys and I home alone. To add to the "almost", Janice is away as well, and Efi hasn't been home since the last day of May.

Yesterday I had to work, preparing an in-house offer, which was quite a funny affair, involving an insane amount of kosher-for-Passover Coca Cola. That is made with real sugar, not the corn starch thingy. So that gave us all a sugar high. Did I mention that my brother somehow got 100 packages of neon bright pink printing paper? The type that burns permanently into your retina? Yeah, so combine the sugar overload with neon bright PINK paper planes all over the place and you get my Friday morning.

After work I picked the boys up from school, and we went to a flea market, where the kids got to spend some of their savings on wonderful treasure...or some garbage. We attacked a little second hand bookstore and got some really nice books, and I managed to get matching shirts and shorts for all five of the boys, and awesome sandals for all 7 kids. We had a little less than two hours to shop before everything started to close down in anticipation of the Shabbat.

After we got home, we finished baking the challah, and got ready for shul. We had candle lighting there, and we stayed for kiddush afterwards. We had a lovely dinner with friends, with three varieties of gefilte fish, chicken and green peas. And cake!

This morning we skipped shul, and we all slept in, meaning that I was only woken up by cold kiddie feet at six a.m. Of course all five of us were in my bed by 7 a.m. Because we didn't go anywhere this morning, we stayed in bed till breakfast, watching morning cartoons. The two oldest boys graciously offered to make breakfast, and thinking it was the Shabbat, my most religious kid was not gonna mess with the stove. Well, I was wrong, so we had a gigantic amount of scrambled eggs with turkey bacon and toast with pomegranate juice.

We headed out to the park and then swimming, meeting up with cousins. The kids had a blast and my brother and I finished up some last touches on that offer. (Yes, it's the same brother, who we couldn't reach on the phone on the Shabbat when his grandma passed away, because he was THAT religious.) My SIL was also a lifesaver: she brought me a whole packet of coffee!

So now I'm sitting here, with a cup of coffee at hand, with Shabbat leftovers, kids watching Finding Nemo, getting ready for bed. It was such a loverly weekend.


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