Monday, July 19, 2010

The happenings in our household

First of all, with two Shabbats behind us, the kids are doing wonderfully at shul. Noa does bring up things reflecting her Armenian Christian background, but apparently her foster family didn't emphasise Christianity too much. Which is making things a little easier for us. :) 

She quite enjoys doing Jewish things that are familiar to her. We bought her a Noah's Ark toy, and we have Torah stories, coloring books and stickers she can play with. She is soaking up English, and at this point I'm super happy that she reads and writes Armenian, because she has her own little dictionary: picture, Armenian, English and Hebrew. She is super smart, and that was recognized very early, hence her placement with a foster family. I do hope for Noa's sake that they continue to keep in touch and bless her life. I still cannot find the proper words to express how very grateful I am for them. 

The twins are also doing great. They love to torment each other, but also are inseparable. The two weeks I have been with them they really have started to blossom. I know attachment takes a long time - bonding from my side also does - but I see the beginnings. Based on our experiences with P, things are going better than we expected. 

I am not too fond of the synagogue we are going to while here. There are a bunch of awesome places in the southern part of the county, but apparently this region has less of a Jewish life. I do contemplate driving down to Santa Ana, though - once I get in the car on the Shabbat it doesn't matter how far I drive, I figure. I know that the congregation there is a lot more open than here. Plus Janice's family go there as well, so we wouldn't be totally unknown.

Shiri and Ezra are doing great feeding themselves, and our great eaters. So is Noa. She is willing to try just about anything and makes up her mind only after getting through at least half of the meal. She is not too fond of pizza, American Mac and Cheese, broccolis and zuccini. Other veggies are great for her. Shiri takes care of Noa's broccolis, though. :)

The boys have left for "serious camp", which means they are not on Skype. When I put Noa to bed tonight she remarked, "I miss talking to my brothers."


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