Sunday, July 25, 2010

Updates in Cali

First, before I forget. I was asked to guest blog by the Two Help Desk Agents. I wrote my first post, and it will be online sometime this week. 

Second: We did Disney. It went really well, the kids didn't get much overwhelmed and Noa just loved it! Thanks to Brother Miller for the tickets!

Third: Yesterday was the Pioneer Day activity at one of the local LDS wards. We went to that with the kids and they had a lot of fun. Especially Noa, of course. She loved her pioneer dress (many thanks go out to Kevin's mom for making it for her!) and enjoyed riding in a covered wagon. She also liked the movie Legacy. She thinks Eliza is the prettiest thing ever. Hard to believe Kathleen Beller was already 34 years old when she played Eliza! Kevin, who is rewatching classic Dr Who episodes immediatelly told me why David Walker always looked familar: Marcus Gilbert was in a 4-episode arch back in 1989... Yeah. 

Fourth: We have 80% of the paperwork done. :) Seems like I am going to leave a little earlier, right after the NJ wedding, to get the boys, and we'll be home 2 days before Kevin and the other kids. While they might be able to leave a bit earlier, it would cost way too much, and then there are all those people in DC who can't wait to meet the kids!


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