Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The boys and I flew in on Monday to Cork, andthe same day we headed over to Dunne's and some other shops for school uniform shopping. The new school requires British style school uniforms, and parents can either order them through the school from the UK, or can go and buy theirs if they happen to travel to the more rainy and gloomy parts of the world. The fun thing about such shopping is guestimating how much the kids will grow during the year. I was thinking ahead, as Noa will be attending school one day a week (for the ESL and choir classes) starting September and then eventually going full time, I grabbed some of the clothes I just bought her in California to measure against some of the clothes. So I t hink we got everything for everyone as far as clothes and shoes for school go. 

As most of the other supplies I bought in the States for the kids, we have very little of anything else to buy in Ireland, other than a few copy books (and even more will have to be bought in Israel to satisfy the school's requirements, plus there are all the actual textbooks).  Those we will buy today as we go downtown to search through the little second hand bookstore by the Tesco, plus get some "stuff" at the Other World (Sci-fi and fantasy store). I also want to grab some clothes at the Enable Ireland charity shop: they usually have great stuff. I'll look through a few more charity shops. 

Now, as my kids were super compliant and we got done with the shopping at the first stop, ( suspect that might change with two girls added to the family) I took them to Kinsale to the sea yesterday. Actually it was my auntie who took all of us. We spent some time on the beach, having a picnic lunch, then Auntie and the boys were taken out on a boat by one of auntie's friends we accidentally ran into. The boys took a dip, and  they realized the Celtic Sea is not nearly as swimming friendly as the beaches of Tel Aviv. 

They loved loved loved it though. They are my little beach bums. With actual tans. :)


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