Monday, August 9, 2010

My in-flight music

I was flying back to Europe from NYC alone the other day. Unexpectedly I didn't have anyone sitting next to me, so as I didn't have to politely chat with anyone, I had time to listen to some of the new CD's I purchased in the States. I had a great shopping experience at Deseret Book (LDS bookstore), at one of the Jewish Bookstores and the Good News  music store in Cali and at the small Catholic shop in NYC. Can you guess where I purchased the CD with the song below? (Answer and more about the song and why I listened to it 4 hours straight on my flight can be found after the cut.)

So... the answer below....
So the above song is from chazzan (cantor) Shimon Craimer's new album "Nashir Beyachad". The above song is sung by two people. Yes. That lovely gospel choir is Shim Craimer and another singer. If you remember my post Oseh Shalom, he was one of the soloists in that video, too. And yes, it was him in both videos in the If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem post, too. But that is besides the point.

I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. It really isn't your typical Jewish song. First of all, it's in English. Shocking, I know. Second of all, it has a distinct gospel sound. Third of all, G-d is called G-d, not HaShem, Elokim or any other Orthodox Jewish replacements. Craimer, of course, is known to have actually said Adonai in song when singing with the Vienna Boy Choir.

I love this song, because so many of us can identify with it. Jews, Christians alike. Actually I put the CD on last night at my brother's house, with a few people there whom I hadn't seen for the last year or so. One of them was very surprised that I was listening to Christian music... :)


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