Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 2 at home

Sorry about the very interrupted post last night - I was literally dozing off at the keyboard! Having toddlers again has taken up all my energy. And just to think that Kevin is starting back at work on Sunday makes me feel exhausted. Especially since being in home office means that I still get to work. Luckily Janice is off work this week, so the she will be around to help, and then Kevin's schedule is empty for Thursday, so Thursday morning we are heading down to Eilat and won't be back in town till Monday mid day. Kevin's coworkers have been wonderful in supporting his extended leave and now that he is back we found out that they haven't taken adventage of his absence in signing up for the Thursdays to be off work, plus with the intern who substituted for Kevin he has every other Sunday off for a long time. (Kevin didn't use any paid vacation for the adoption trip, so he still has like 9 days left.) This will work out just great as Thursday and Monday are my client days, so child care will be covered. 

Last night we had a lovely time at home. We did out usual Friday thing, which included a dinner outside. As i mentioned before, usually we are joined by the neighbors for this, and it being Ramadan, it was an especially joyous Friday dinner. All the kids had fun, and they ate and ate and played till they dropped. :)

Noa loves her room! She already rearranged all the toys and books, which leads us to a funny situation. It's the bedtime story reading issue. Since Noa already knows how to read Armenian, Kevin purchased quite a few age apropriate books for Noa and the twins as well. Noa often asks  Kevin to read her a bedtime story, and brings out one of the Armenian books. The problem is that while Kevin speaks some Armenian, he does not read it. Noa cannot figure out how her dad can't read it if he can speak it. So now she is teaching Kevin to read the language. I think she is doing a pretty good job. To the left is the cover of her currently favorite book. I have the same book in Russian, too, for my cousin's kids. And a copy for my brother Sergei. 


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