Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rosetta Stone

I am not sure how some of the bloggers do it, but I guess I fail at managing my time. I envy those like Christine who finds the time to regularly blog with 14 kids in the home, or Christie, who always uplifts my spirits with her wisdom, or Annie, who teaches in the middle of the night, but still manages to update her blog. With only 7 kids, only homeschooling one of them, with only one full time job, with a full course load for the semester and the Jewish High Holidays being here (Sukkot just started a few hours ago), I just simply can't find the time to update as much as I'd like to. I do have to let go of the project I have been planning and preparing for, simply due to the lack of time. But that is beside the point, really.

The point is, someone gave me a copy of Rosetta Stonewith several languages as a gift. I got hold of a few more, and I'm at the point of trying to decide if I want to use it with Noa for home school, or just start a course or two myself. Craig has thrown himself on the French Level 2 (he took French last year, but this year he opted for intensive Arabic, so no French at school) and he is loving it. And depending on where Kevin will be going to next year or this work and teach exchange and whether we will follow him there, learning the target language wouldn't be contraindicated. Because Kevin got accepted into a program that will take him, for one or two years, to somewhere else. Japan, Korea and the Phillipines have one-year-programs, the US, Poland, India, Austria, and the UK have both 1 and 2 year programs, the Czech Republic, New Zealand and Indonesia have only two year programs. If it's for one year, we will not go with Kevin to certain countries. If it's a two year program he gets into, we are definitely moving with him for two years. This should all be determined sometime in the next 6 weeks or so. 

Of course as the kids rejoiced over the computer speaking Hebrew! French! Arabic! Russian! Justin asked who Rosetta Stone was and how many languages she spoke. This resulted in an impromptu History lesson on Napoleon, Ancient Egypt and the Rosetta stone. We only had one question left after that: is their an ancient Egyptian language set for Rosetta Stone? 

And the 5 things about my day thing from Christine's blog: 
1. This was the first day since we came back from the States that we didn't go to the beach even though we were in town.

2. We had fast food in the sukkah today! I'm loving that Sukkot came this early this year, so being in the Sukkah is absolutely pleasant. And kosher McDonald's made the kids' day!

3. Being on holiday my kids do absolutely no school work. We play with LEGOs instead. And we also spend a lot of time in the sukkah. Have I mentioned how much I love this holiday, the festival of the Tebernacles? I didn't even notice Facebook was gone, and there have been at least 2 comments added to your post since I started writing this.

4. I sometimes forget that Israel is not in Europe. I enjoy the comfort of it being so Western in many aspects, and take some of the "strange things" as granted because they seem normal for the climate or whatever. But then I mention something that everyone seems to know in Europe... and then people look at me confused. Like the Vienna Choir Boys, the Hallelujah Chorus of Händel's Messiah, the church bells ringing at noon, or sinply Easter candy. I do love how the East and West meet here, it just surprises me from time to time!

5. I just finished reading the 4th Twilight novel. I only did it for the LOL's and can't wait till my blog friends rip it apart on their blog like they did with the first two movies. Real vampires don't sparkle in the sunshine, they turn into dust! (No I don't believe in vampires.) But honestly, as long as it makes another generation actually read books, I don't mind. I'll just continue to make fun of it. (and everyone is welcome to do the same with things I read/watch). The world would be a lot more boring if everyone liked the same things.


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