Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Survey

Beliefs and Opinions
Created by flyboy51 and taken 80 times on Bzoink
What is your opinion on...
Abortion?: I'm pro educated choice
War on Drugs?: Drug usage shoud be decriminalized.
Death Penalty?: Against it. I'm pro hard labor though.
Gun Control?: Guns should be controled, but not by idiots.
War on Terror?: What on earth is still going on in Iraq? And Afghanistan?
Welfare?: I think this was targeted at Americans...
Taxes?: They are necessary.
Military?: I support the IDF.
Legalization of Marijuana?: I'm all for that.
Pornography?: These days it's cheap and boring.
Prostitution?: Should be legalized, controled and heavily taxed.
Gay Marriage?: NOH8.
the Bailouts?: They kinda sorta saved the world from the Great Depression Part 2.
Barack Obama?: Another right wing conservative Christian weirdo.
George W. Bush?: Another right wing conservative Christian weirdo.
Stem cell research?: W/O stem cell research I wouldn't be alive, much less walking again.
NASA?: I so so so want to work for them. Maybe one of my kids.
Cloning?: Erm. I have a Dolly tee shirt.
Univeral Healthcare?: Isn't that the thing that the religious right should be promoting? Like caring for the least of these?
Government reform?: Every government is ready for reform.
Public Education?: It sucks in the USA.
Global Warming?: It's one of the biggest issues we have to tackle if we want to survive as a species.
the ACLU?: ....
the NAACP?: ....
the CIA?: Without them we wouldn't have all the cool movies.
the FBI?: Without them we wouldn't have the X Files.
police?: ...Hill Street Blues, CSI, Columbo, Komissar Rex...
Iraq War?: What are they still doing there?
Darfur?: Why did we let it happen?
Israeli-Palestinian conflict?: The hope of peace is in our next generation. Our responsibility is not messing them up to be like ours.
Nuclear Weapons?: Necessary evil.
Do you believe (in)...
God?: Yes.
Jesus Christ?: No.
Heaven?: Not sure.
Hell?: Same as above.
Reincarnation?: Possibly.
Ghosts/spirits?: Only spirits, especially if distilled from plum.
Psychics?: Nope.
Aliens?: That was a good movie.
Angels?: No.
Demons?: No.
pure good?: No.
pure evil?: No.
Karma?: No.
the Apocolypse?: Heck no.
that humanity is inherantly good or evil?: No, humanity is inherently stupid.
that everything happens for a reason?: I like the idea.
that the future is set in stone?: No.
fate?: See above
destiny?: Only if we are talking about the spaceship in SGU.
that you make your life the way you want?: I do believe in man's agency. I also believe that interaction shapes the world.
what is your opinion on these people or things...
the Jonas Brothers: They were funny on South Park, but I hope my daughter will continue to hate them.
Rosie O'Donnol: I do know her name is spelt Rosie O'Donnell-
Arnold Swarzenneger: I only know abt a man named Schwarzenegger. He is awesome.
Paris Hilton: I've only stayed at the Budapest Hilton.
Clint Eastwood: Dirty Harry was awesome.
Matt Damon: He has weird teeth. But he is a great actor.
Jason Statham: ...
the top 40: Top 40 what?
Fight Club: The first rule of Fight Club....
speed limits: Did you know that speed limits on the freeway actually make traffic move generally faster?
this survey: Whoever created this cannot spell.
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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