Sunday, November 28, 2010

Busy Sunday

Back at work today, kids are at school (even Noa), twinsies at the daycare, Kevin in Jerusalem for the first half of the week. My brother Chalin is back to work after 2 weeks of being gone for chemo, my brother Efi is goofing off in my office, my colleague is making a gigantic pot of coffee and we are about to dial in to this week's kick-off meeting.

It's still bright and sunny and my kids keep running around in tee shirts and shorts for most of the day, but the days are shorter and people are talking about "winter". Seriously. Winter with 23°C? That's like summer's hottest day in Ireland! (Only slightly exagerating here.)

After work today I have to pick up all the kids, and go up to Netanya for a meeting. I'll probably drag all 7 kids along. Then we come home, drop Craig off at his friend's, cook dinner, put kids to bed and do an online exam. What a lovely evening it'll be. :D 


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