Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just a few more days!

So we survived Thanksgiving. With Kevin and Janice being Americans, I get tricked into celebrating it every year. Nowadays, however, Craig always mentions that his Native American ancestors didn't have much to celebrate, but he, too, likes a good pumpkin pie. Anyway, as you can imagine, Thanksgiving is not a public holiday here, so we didn't get to start the preparations till mid afternoon, and dinner only happened at a time that is very close to the kids' regular bed time. We still had fun, and way too much to eat. We also moved into our new place on Thursday, so for a change I didn't have to clean for the special dinner. We finished unpacking on Friday.

It's still too hot for Chanukah for me, but in like 4 more days the kids are off school for Chanukah break. We are almost set for the holiday. Yesterday as we got the chanukiyot out of their boxes (the menorah used for Chanukah is called a chanukiyah), I managed to break the one we were planning to use in our family room. It was a beautiful frosted glass one, for candles. I picked it up in New York last summer, and I'm pretty sad about it getting ruined before we ever got to use it. On the other hand it's a great reminder that material things come and go and we shouldn't be too caught up in them. We replaced it with the same chanukiyah we have used the past 3 years, one I got from my grandparents. 

And as something totally off topic, more as a nod to the 2 Agents, who have a new link. You ladies put At Ve Ani in my ear last night night with your post, and since I couldn't get it out of my head all day long, the song strikes back!


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