Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do I Have To Explain Myself and other sweet topics

On my previous post I received a comment. For some odd, masochist reason I let it get through moderation. As you know I don't like to explain things that are none of the business of strangers, especially because it will sound all like excuses. 

Here is the comment: 
The reason why I make this exception is I have a pretty good guess who actually wrote this comment, and I want them to understand something.

Unlike some others, I do not believe in starting an adoption without any resources already lined up, with a few exceptions. I am not of the culture of G-d will provide everything, especially if the G-d will provide everything means that others will donate the adoption cost. However, because I live so darn far away, and postage costs just as much, if not more, than the value of a fundraising item. So no, I'm not really participating with money in these fundraisers and that won't change in the near future for a number of reasons. One of them being that while adoption is one of the issues I'm passionate about, it's not the only one. And one more thing: it's not only my money. It's Kevin's and mine, together. So we decide together what we do with the surplus.

On your comment about the amount of money we "waste". It was exactly $324.42 that we have spent on the past 4 concerts and the additional costs on getting to Lehavot Aviva for the concert. That means  11 tckets  for 4 shows all together for 6 people. Yes, I paid the tickets for my sisters, who have been so  generous with child care and other help. Like my sister Dev is my bone marrow donor. (The Tel Aviv hotel room was a courtesy night for taking so many business meetings there. I thought I'd just mention that.) Now just a thing: we don't do Christmas presents. We don't even do Chanukah presents for adults. We do, however, waste money on Harel Skaat, Aharon Razel and Shlomo Artzi events. We also waste money taking vacations at Eilat.

I'm not sure how everyone else is, but as much as I love my kids and love being with them, every once in a while I need some adult time, away from the home. I normally don't do it too often--or do it while I'm away on business anyway--but the last two weeks were just a time when I reached my saturation point and needed a little extra break. A two-hour concert and a drink or two before it just makes the trick. 

Also, I do not appreciate the commenter calling Harel Skaat a fag. Yes, he is openly homosexual. Yes, that can kill a career. Just think of Clay Aiken's coming out coinciding with a drop in his popularity. But luckily, Israel has some young people, who couldn't care less. Plus those lovely love songs to the girls are still lovely love songs. While many things can be brought up against Mr. Skaat if you wish, I don't think his sexuality should be a factor. Besides, I'm gay, too. Also for some reasons, I don't think he is a "mediocre singer".

Now that said, the girls and I had a wonderful time out last night. I swear, if I ever really learn Hebrew, it will be because of concerts like this. :D Every once in a while it's nice to be forced to speak Hebrew. My sisters got to have their picture taken with Mr. Skaat, and they were just as much of silly fangirls as I can be a Harel fanboy. We drove back early this morning to Tel Aviv, then I took Emma back to base, and now I'm back to work, rejoicing in the fact that Aharon Razel is about to release a new album, and that the above comment made Kevin's brains blow, and for Valentine's Day (that we don't celebrate) he bought tickets to go see Harel Skaat in Herzliya on the 15th. :D

Oh, and I did pick up the special screws for the moveable tabletop.


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