Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jerusalem once again

The trip I promised to the kids to go see Aunt Dev and Uncle Oded and all the cousins, plus some other random family members in the city. So we packed up sleeping bags, clothes, books and toys, and as part of the treat, Kevin took the kids by train to Jerusalem. If you ever have the chance to make the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem trip by train, do it. It's seriously worth the time.

I couldn't join them this time, as after they left I had to drive to pick our sister Emma up at the military base she is at. This happens to be in an entirely different direction. We drove down to Jerusalem as well. We got in to town just in time to make a quick trip to the Shuk, which is a must when we are in Jerusalem. While there I gave in to my vanity and bought a few shirts and a sweater. This is important information for those of you, who know how very very VERY much I hate clothes shopping. If it wasn't for my sisters I wouldn't have bought anything for me. There was also a very cute hand ebroidered blouse that looks just like my two younger girl's blouses that we got for them a while back, so we got that for Bella. Now all our girls have matching outfits!

We stayed in for the evening, and watched a great Israeli movie that I had never seen, but it dealt with some issues I can relate to easily. It was fascinating to see a soap opera star play a serious role.

Staying in on Saturday we spent the day cooking and playing board games, and now... we are about to leave for the concert! Harel Skaat twice in one week (well, it's kinda a new week here, but you know what I mean) and this time with happy hour before the show!


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