Monday, January 10, 2011

"A father who has daughters has everything."

In Genesis 24:1 we can read: "The Eternal One blessed Abraham with everything." The Sages interpreted that to mean that Abraham had a daughter (or maybe more), and I agree wholeheartedly. 

In the Quran it is written:
"He who is involved in bringing up daughters, and accords benevolent treatment towards them, they will be protection for him against Hell-Fire."
The quote in the title is something that is often repeated in my shul. I agree with both.

Having daughters is such a different experience from having sons. With girls came twirly skirts, scented bath balls, hair curlers and straighteners, nail polish and earrings. To the boys dance and ballet shoes tutus and buns were added. Hair clips are no longer solely used to hold kipot in place, but to create ellaborate hairstyles. And now two pairs of tennis shoes won't do, we need ta least three: dark, white and pink. :) Moving to the new house with the two bathrooms was wonderful, because with three girls the amount of bathroom things didn't only double, but at least quadrupled.

Dolls and ribbons and general fluff dominates the girls' bedrooms (in the new house we moved Shiri and Noa in together, Craig and P share a room, and the twins and Ezra share another one, while Bella has her own room, which will double as baby Harel's nursery). Lego and car posters now coexist with Strawberry Shortcake and handsome music and movie stars. Flowers on the doors, colorful cupcakes full of sugar and artificial colors, grace and random bowing and twirling, randomly appearing high heels 5-10 sizes too big... Yes, it's all about having daughters. Girls, who laugh at their brothers' stupid jokes, and who make them laugh.

I will forever be grateful for the wonderful little and not-so-little girls my family has been blessed with.


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