Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting home at 5 a.m.

I'm officially wa too old. After the concert last night (we all had a blast), I couldn't wait to get home.

On the way there I was driving for a good portion of the way, so I didn't have to drive on the way back. We grabbed a quick bite to eat, and then headed over to the venue. While Kevin, Janice (the mother of my children) and Bella were up front, I decided to stay in the back. I'm not very stable on my feet, even with crutches I fall easily, and I didn't really want to get knocked over. It's not easy to get back on my feet in the dark in a crowd. It's even more difficult when some well meaning people try to help, and don't exactly know how. Recently I also lost some weight, and haven't gotten new socks, so in a falling incident I'm known to lose my leg. I know it would have been weird to leave a leg behind on the floor. :) Plus I wanted to be close to somewhere I can sit down.

After driving for almost two hours, I wasn't sure I could stay on my feet through the whole concert, but I'm very proud to say that with a short break I managed to do so. So yeah, all those years of PT totally paid off.

On the way home we offered a ride to someone Janice knows, so it was Janice, Bella and Janice's friend in the back, and Kevin and I in the front of the car. We have a rule that whoever sits in the front can't fall asleep, making sure that the driver won't fall asleep. It might sound like a stupid rule, but I'm paranoid. So we got to talk about silly things.

Like politics.

Now I won't go into that, but we also discussed some of our options for next year. Bella's visa application was turned down by the US, then there were changes made into financing the exchange Kevin was selected for, housing funds were ditched in favor of on-campus housing (in 2-bedroom apartments). So... Yeah. Anyway.

We got home shortly after 5 a.m. with a quick stop for coffee and turning the wrong way once. We climbed into bed and fell asleep... what a bliss!

Someone asked me about who Harel Moyal is (in connection to Bella's Harel). Here is a video of Harel Moyal and Harel Skaat singing some children's songs. The quality is not the best, and neither is the performance the most worked out, but it's charming... and has English subtitles (the middle row). Harel Moyal won Kochav Nolad 2 (Israel's Idol like show) with Harel Skaat being the runner up.


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