Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Kippah Project

  My son Craig's bar mitzvah is coming up in a little more than a year. This will involve a large celebration with some 160 guests. Now, don't forget: I'm one of 14 siblings, most married with kids. So if we only invite close family we have 100 people. So having 160ish guests means that about half of those will be men or boys over the age of 3. That directly results in needing about 80 kipot (yarmulkes) as party favors. That leaves me a little over a year to make 80 kipot by hand.

I was also thinking that in addition to making the 80 kipot for the bar mitzvah, I'll match them with 80 more for sale. The profit from those 80 kipot will be going to Hand In Hand, an organization that operates Hebrew-Arabic bilingual schools in Israel where Jewish and Muslim pupils study together. My sister, sister-in-law, and family friends Leia and Mariam offered to  match my 80 kipot with 80 hand painted silk scarves.


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