Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Brothers and I part 1 - Sim

My brother S and I have only one thing in common: our father.

You may say, "I'm sure you share your religion, too!" In a way, yes, but only the general name of it. You see, I'm an Internet dwelling, jeans and T-shirt wearing, on-the-Shabbat cooking and TV watching and generally electricity using, rock music loving, not always kosher eating, science loving, evolution believing Jew. Sim, on the other hand, is a traditional suit-tzitzit-kippah-and-hat wearing, daily mincha going, shomer Shabbat, yeshiva educated Jew, who firmly believes the universe in 5771 years old, and there was light and darkness before there were bodies to radiate light. He is also very sorry for me because I'm gonna burn in hell. He loves me, but doesn't particularly like me, if that makes any sense.

He is 13 years my senior, married (again) with kids. With several teenagers. He is a great source for advice on raising teens, and there are moments, like going to an Aaron Razel show, where we had a blast, that I feel like we could be friends. We are not, though. We are brothers, who live about 10 minutes from each other, yet live in different worlds.


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