Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My early birthday present

As this gets posted the concert is about to start. It's another one of my favourite songs, to which--though not the breaking up part--I can relate all to well. It is just one of the most beautiful songs... to me. Many will probably disagree.

[CUT-TAG="For a translation of the lyrics that I found online click the cut!"]

    Coming back to the empty house
    After a show in the North
    My trembling body
    In my ears, still voices of the crowd

    Pictures of my childhood smile
    On the wall that we aren't white =s =s
    The silence now
    That reminds me of my old self

    So maybe
    The day will come and you'll come back to me
    If there's a small chance, tell me when
    And I'll come to you

    Taking off my extravagant clothes
    At night, I hide away
    And imagine a bit
    That I'm just another, different person

    And how everyone is around me
    I still feel so alone
    The other man
    Stands there in my place

    Come to me
    And I'll hug you in my two arms
    When I wake up, then I'll find out for sure
    That you're not with me
    My innocence


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