Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Ran Danker post with lotsa music vids

OK, so by now everyone who has ever been to my blogs knows I'm obsessed with a fan of Harel Skaat. There are other Israeli singers (and actors) that I like, too, and one of them is Ran Danker. He is not only a great singer and one od Israel's sexiest men (as evidenced by several polls), but he is also an awesome actor. I don't only mean his appearance in Our Song, really.

Now, of course, I can't post about Israeli pop music without having Harel Skaat involved, so here is a song from the 2005 Festigal.
[CUT-TAG="Read on! The videos and more fun below the cut!"]

Yes, it's the same crew as in the infamous Numa Numa video.

And since this is for Tukha on Xanga, I couldn't pass up the opportunity of having her suffer through Ran Danker singing in French.


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