Thursday, March 24, 2011


Every day, I utter the word "Shalom" countless times. Shalom. Shalom aleichem. Peace be unto you.

Countless times "As-salaamu alaykum" rolls off the tongues of millions of people. Peace be unto you.

"Áldás, békesség," members of the Hungarian Reformed Church greet each other. Blessings and peace.

A wish for peace is deeply engraved in the human soul, yet looking around, there is destruction and war all around the world. Human history and progress is about killing more and more people from a distance every increasing. From the first wooden clubs to the nuclear warheads, nothing really has changed. The greatest force beyond human invention continues to be military research.

Yet we all wish for peace.

I am still not a Christian, but there is something in this song that I wish to all my Christian friends. And Shalom, Salaam. Peace be unto you.


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