Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Something about something

Today my hand was hurting enough for me to come home from work in the middle of the day. I normally don't do anything like that, but I had to. Later I also had to go back to the clinic, get the cast off, get another X-ray, get scheduled for a minor procedure to correctly reset my wrist tomorrow morning so my arthritis damaged joint will be in a place where it won't hurt like heck, get a splint and while there, get some dinner at a nearby take out. But that's beside the point. And before you ask, yes, once I'll get re-casted on probably Sunday, I'll go with the pink again. :) It kinda grew on me.

So anyway,  I came home to an empty house, and as I walked in, I realised it had been forever since I last listened to Milim, Harel Skaat's Eurovision entry. So what I did was, I put it in the CD player in English, and turned up the volume till the whole floor was filled with this majestically sad feeling, and I loved singing along with it, and feeling a certain sadness that I found somewhat liberating. Harel has the best break-up songs (Ve At and Im Hu Yelech among others.) It felt oh-so-good. I even put it on repeat, because I was just enjoying my time.

Then I started to do dishes and let the CD continue on to this song:

Oh yes, baby, it's Hevel's Awful Accent When Singing In French time! Because I do know the words to Il Pleut De L'Or! :P Gotta love Swiss guys who can sing in three languages, and who look like a hipster Mickey Mouse. :)


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