Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Neon Pink Look

Lesson of the day: if you are ever in a situation when you are going to have coloured cast put on you, and you are in need of an interpreter, make sure that interpreter is not your 15-year-old daughter, or you'll end up with a bright BRIGHT LOUDLY NEON pink cast.

Now a little background: I have issues with arthritis and carpal tunnel, while at the same time, due to spinal cord injury, I have hand dexterity issues. So my wrist hurting and being even more clumsy than normally wasn't anything new. When I took Bella and baby in for a check up, our family doctor commented that my wrist had an odd angle to it, so he referred me to get an x-ray. Turns out that the wrist was broken. No idea when I broke it, probably about 3 days ago when I fell, but caught myself. Anyway, it didn't hurt too bad... till it was reset! Ouch! NOW it hurts!

The fun thing is, I can't do dishes, and I'd be able to  break the nose of arrogant homophobic FB lady (who will have the misfortune of meeting me next week) with a neon pink blow to her homophobic nose. Of course I won't do that. But  not being able to do the dishes also means that simple tasks like shaving, giving a drink to my kids, washing fruit or cooking will be difficult, as well. And I won't be going back till the 28th, so I might actually have this cast for the concert! So that should be fun. 

Bright pink, I tell you.


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