Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Starbucks Giveaway

I'm a coffee lover and tea lover and hot chocolate lover and generally I like weird paper cups and overpriced beverages. Especially coffee that tastes anything like coffee. 

The kids and I decided to share the love while, at the same time, helping to bring Katya home to the Dueck family. They are currently raising funds to get to her in Eastern Europe, and to help them raise the funds faster, I'm giving away a $15 Starbucks gift certificate. (In the UK or other countries where Starbucks gift certificates can be purchased online, the equivalent in the local currency based on my bank's conversion chart shall be given.)

To get a chance, you should donate $2 to the Dueck Family's adoption fund. You can see the the Chip In button on their site. Preferrably use the method in which you transfer funds from your PayPal account, because in that case PayPal won't be taking out their fees. For $2 you get one chance, $4 gets you 2, but $6 will get you an extra chance with your name getting on the list 4 times!

But... there are other ways to get additional tickets! Post a link to this fundraiser on your blog or Facebook for an additional ticket! If you do both, you get two more! So a $2 donation and a link on your blog and one on your Facebook gets you three chances to receive this gift certificate. 

Please comment below with the donated amount and (if applicable) where you posted the links and how many times your name should be on the list. Please make sure you mark your donation "Coffee giveaway"! 

The drawing will be done on March 15.

Anyone, who donates $6 or more will receive a free PDF "cookbook" with various favorite recipes of my family and friends, with some lovely photography. These will be mailed out on April 1.


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