Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Son!

Today my son Craig is turning 12. The first time I met him he was a tiny almost-4-year-old, and now, at 12, he is not the shortest kid in class... and he is two years younger than his classmates.

Today started with Craig's favourite breakfast: scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, sausages, toast and marmalade, hash browns and fried tomatoes. And pancakes. And orange juice. No. Kid is not Irish, why do you ask? :)

He will get his presents at dinner tonight, and then on Friday he will have his party with his friends. As some of his friends are from his class, and thus older than him, and some of them are from shul, and the same age as him or a year younger, we had to be creative with what to do for his party. So it's gonna be bowling. Everyone loves bowling, and those who don't, well, there are video games to try as well. We rented 3 lanes for 4 hours, so it should be fun. We will have cake and a bunch of snack foods. For "snack" Craig took cola and ice cream and they had Pepsi floats for the whole class. Did I mention he has a really good class? Great community, great teachers, and the parents are fun, too. They look out for Craig, and he gets involved in all the activities. Last year he was invited to bar mitzvah parties, even though he was uncoolly young. I can only assume that next year they'll show for Craig's bar mitzvah celebration as well!

Happy birthday, Craig! Thanks for being awesome!


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