Friday, May 27, 2011

A lousy weekend

Quite literally. This morning as we were getting ready to go to one of the museums and then to the beach, Noa asked me to do her hair. Which was the point where I discovered we were dealing with a head lice issue. All 4 of my kids in that school had some lice. Ugh. They are also the ones that are inseparable, joint at the hip, and the boys are prone to share hats/kipot... So instead of the museum and beach, off to the pharmacy we went and spent most of the morning dealing with the lice. It was easy with the boys, but Noa has nice long hair... so yeah. 

By the time we were over the lice issue, and we were getting ready to go to the park (no water on the lice treatment hair for 2 days!), one of Kevin's exes dropped us a mail, saying, "Hi, isn't this your mommy dearest's blog?" and the link of a blog. 

It is my adoptive mother's blog. She and husband number 3 are currently in the process of adopting two teenagers from Ukraine. I read back a bit, and holy Molly, am I the devil's spawn or what! Their first adoption was a disaster, because the kid (me) was hell bent from day one to make the family miserable! Fortunately she didn't ellaborate beyond me causing the family to eventually fell apart (I'm sure that the abuse husband number 2 inflicted upon all of us had nothing to do with that) and how much better things have been since she has had the chance to restart it all. Well, I'm happy for her, if that's true, but Emily (my youngest sister that I actually met) thinks that's not entirely true. Oh well. Maybe starting a completely new family at 57ish will be good for them. Who knows. I can only hope.


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