Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fabulous is the word!

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! The concert last night was just THAT! #Harel-Skaat did an awesome show! Awesome if I say so! One of the highlights for me (other than snatching tickets for NIS 79 for the boys, so we had a bunch of us there) was Harel singing The Impossible Dream, which is a favourite of mine. Since I haven't found much uploaded from the show last night on YouTube, I will include an older performance of this song by him. Here is a TV spot about it.

We left home early to go to the show. We needed a good spot, one that is close enough to the stage, but not too close. A spot where I won't be knocked over. I actually got a few bruises, but that's all my fault. Anyway, we went, we had fun, we ended up a lot closer to the stage towards the end than we ever planned and we saw Idan Roll close up, too. :D

After the concert I treated the boys to junk food and ice cream. It was one of the last occasions that we could go out like this with Amir, so we all tried to make the most of the day. Actually, most of the night. I was ready to sleep 12 hours when we got home, but alas, the alarm clock rang a mere 3 hours later. I surprisingly survived the day and didn't even cry (much) in the afternoon when saying bye to Amir. With contract signed, replacement CD by Mr. Skaat in hands, we are ready to go back to our vacation tomorrow.


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