Sunday, July 10, 2011

Something's in the air

Ó az a balatoni nyár...

So what happened is that Newest Boy's cast should be coming off on the 15th. He is super excited, because having to keep your arm wrapped in cling wrap and holding it above the water is not too much fun. The naive person I am, I just figured I'll pay the Hungarian health services for the x-ray and the cast removal, like I tend to do when it came to the kids who are not insured in Hungary. Of course since Newest Boy is not listed as my child on my ID and he is a minor I found out that wouldn't be possible. Unless, of course, I went to a private clinic. Calling a few of those clinics I found out that paying them for the x-ray and cast removal would be about the same expense as flying Newest Boy back to Israel. That idea arose when my dad told me that it was absolutely neccessary for me to be in TA on the 17th and possibly the 18th for business and to see a certain young man off to his new adventure in the military.

When my dad called, I was somewhat grumpy about missing most of the trip to Patrik's hometown and to Serbia, but really, Newest Boy would benefit from the quick trip. And then dad added something, "There's also something else to put in your RL shrine if you get home on the 15th!" My absolutely adorable dad bought me tickets to Harel Skaat's concert on the 16th! My sisters Emily and Serach and Serach's fiancé will join me. :D Should be FUN!

One odd thing about Hungary is that it's hotter here now than at home. I mean seriously, how likely is that? Yeah, not very likely. This morning we slept in, and then the kids decided it was too hot to make the 1km walk to the lake, so we have been having fun in the garden, in the cheap pool that we got at OBI or Praktiker or Baumax or Tesco or somewhere two years ago. We already went through 1 bottle of SPF 50 and 1 bottle of SPF 20 sunscreen, a 10-gallon-bag of ice, 1 huge soda cartridge, several boxes of ice cream. Unfortunately Yonah left the Harel Skaat CD I have for Marica on the breakfast table this morning, so it's now hot just like Mr. Skaat, but no longer playable. So guess what I'll do now... Yes, look for another one!



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