Sunday, July 24, 2011

A few of my favourite things.

OK, so I'm not original, okay? I stole this from the wonderful @Cestovatelka and the talented @NVPhotography (whose idea for an it gets better video I'm still not sure I understand). 

Most of these photos are stolen from the Internet. Some used with permission.

These are things I love, I am obsessed with or I am passionate about, other than my family. In a very random order.

Religions, and items to go with them, like these Sunday School reward cards. Religions are fascinating. Faith is something I envy in people who actually can believe.

Urban fantasy. This picture really has nothing to do with anything, but it gives out urban fantasy feelings. I especially like Sergei Lukyanenko's Night watch and its sequels.

Burgers are a love of mine. While I'd eat McD, I much prefer when I can put my burgers together myself. Lots of places in Israel and a few in Hungary will serve the patty on a bun, with everythinge sle next to it on a plate and you can just put it together as you like. Since I'm allergic to lettuce, it suits me just fine.
Bonus points if you know where the screenshot above comes from. Marica, I'm fairly sure you do know. :)
Also going with this picture is pretty hands. I love pretty hands.

Making expensive tasting cheap coffee at home.

Cookies! Need I say more?

Christopher Moore's books, especially Lamb. While often deemed sacriligious, esp. by those, who haven't read it, this is a most brilliant book that made me see Jesus is a much more positive light.

Dr Who. While the Tenth Doctor will forever be my Doctor, I surprisingly enjoy Matt Smith's Eleven. I hope his contract gets renewed, and we get at least another season of him. Especially since the lives of the Doctor are fast running out.

The Eurovision Song Contest is an ongoing passion. I have watched it all my life and intend to continue watching it. The key is not taking it all too seriously.

Geraniums. winky OK, so there is something else in this picture I love.

Israel. There is a reason why I don't write too much about certain things and why I felt apprehensive about re-posting some of my old, pre-Xanga posts, and that is not wanting to open a door for bashing something that's very important to me on my very own blog. So, I might just add, I love moderating negative comments about important things. My blog is not a democracy.

Oh, how much I love my kipot! I still owe @tukhahaha a post about my kipot, and they are going to happen. The same way it's important to @happymom4 (who needs a new username like happymom5), or @fabulousclown to cover their hair, it's important for me to have a head covering as well. It's part of my identity, it's my choice and I love my kippah.

Hungary is forever going to be a love affair. I spent some really great and some really challenging years there. It's the original home of 3 of my children. It's the home of my ancestors. I keep returning to #Hungary regularly, and it feels like home.

הראל סקעת

I mean... Harel Skaat. I'm pretty sure you've already noticed that.

Languages and Judaism. The two topics are separate, but on this picture by @Bogarantyu, they kinda sorta collide. I speak English and Hungarian well, I'm starting to speak Hebrew decently (though not reading or writing it), I have some usable German, or at least I can read Germans' handwriting, and a tiny bit of Russian.

Pálinka! #Pálinka is one of the greatest gifts Hungary has given the world. Forget Szent-györgyi and Vitamin C! These kosher pálinkas are something that are now carefully wrapped in T-shirts and twoels in the bottom of my suitcase, making the journey back to Hungary with me.

Chazzan (cantor) Shimon Craimer.

This above video is Oseh Shalom, recorded for Israel's 60th birthday a few years ago. Chazzan Craimer is British born, BTW.

Starbucks. This has more to do with snobism than anything else. I might point out that there's no Starbucks in Israel.

My favourite local chain (also available in Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the USA) is aroma.

 Tea. What did you expect, I'm Irish! :) Yes, I do drink it with sugar and lemon, or with brown sugar and milk.

Torchwood. What's not to love about a British TV show that's willing to kill off major characters mid-season? Also, there is a whole lot of cute Jack/Ianto and Jack/Jack in it. :D

Just kidding, okay?


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