Friday, September 16, 2011

More on Within My Walls

We had a very hectic week. It was great to get back home, and even with the no sleep for 38 hours on Monday/Tuesday it has been a great week. It was also a very challenging week for me in several areas, and I did find myself in the study, with the door closed and my music playing many evenings after my kids went to bed. I was safe within my walls.

I don't mean the walls of my study. Not even the walls of my home. Well, to be honest, living in one of the safest parts of Israel, I haven't felt completely physically safe in this country since the most recent string of terror attacks. But deep within my walls, the walls that I have been building around myself all my life, I feel safe. As the words of the song say,
Here within my walls there is a memory,
A letter under the door
And not a voice to cry
And not a soul to answer
And no pain will remain
For my walls are a comforting white
And there are no stains of blood
Or bruises
Or tears of the heart
The song, as I have written before, is about something completely different, but at the same time it's about me, my need for protection within these walls. 

Within my walls.

With Sunday fast approaching, I feel those walls going up and up and up again. Walls that separate me from the people I love, but keep me strong and going. 

And, by the way, the new year is almost here. New year, new beginnings?


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