Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm Easy To Shop For

As everyone knows, Chanukah is coming up in like 7 weeks. I've already started Chanukah shopping, and it seems so did my family.

On Wednesday, before I was leaving home my phone rang. It was my dad, who lives here in Tel Aviv, letting me know he got me my Chanukah gift, but then he will need to give it to me a few days before Chanukah. I thanked him and went on my merry way.

An hour later my brother from Jerusalem called, to confirm for the 15th time that indeed we were going to spend the first night of Chanukah with them in Jerusalem, and when I said that we already bought sleeping bags to take along, he said, "Oh, good, because I just bought you your Chanukah gift." I thanked him and didn't give it a second thought till my sister from Herzliyah called... to let me know that she just got me my Chanukah present, and would I please make sure that we spend the evening of the 27th with them.

At this point I started to be suspicious, so I went online to find an update on Harel Skaat's Facebook that tickets were available for his winter mini-tour... On the 18th of December in Tel Aviv, the 20th in Jerusalem and the 27th in Herzliyah. So guess what I'm getting. :) Oh yes. 
Harel Skaat at Zappa, lifted from their website

In the mean time, I bought tickets for Yonah and I to see Mr Skaat in Haifa on December 29. :)
I still have a few more siblings and a few more tour dates... so we shall see. :P OK, just kidding. But I'm easy to shop for. A magazine with Mr. Skaat, anything by Crayola, any trendy Judaica and handmade things make me super happy. And books, too. Or just blank DVD's. Oh, and that student edition of the Tanakh and the Stone commentary are still on my wishlist. Yep. Just because I know some of you read here. :)

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