Friday, November 18, 2011


You know when winter arrives as the rain comes in. We really only have two seasons, dry and wet, and there are a few days of dry, not awfully humid ones in the beginning of our summers. So when the rain and storms come in, we know that winter is the current season.

Kevin isn't too thrilled with the rain, but I am. Don't forget, I'm Irish! Rain is the normal thing for me. Or something like that. 

I like to pull my chair up to the glass door of the balcony, listening to the rain while I write. I've been writing a lot: future blog posts, the possible book, lesson plans and all that. I enjoy the quiet night rains and I love everything about it... except that poor Izhar doesn't get walked as much in the rain, and when he does, he temporarily stinks. Good thing he loves bathtowels. :) And blow driers! That puppy is like my kids, the louder something is, the more they like it. He also loves the vacuum cleaner. Go figure. :D

Ezra has been talking up a storm lately. He was very slow to start speaking, and we had some testing scheduled with a speech-language pathologist. She suggested that we wait for a 8 weeks, and she was right. While he barely spoke before he turned 3, ever since his birthday he has been speaking a lot in three languages. Armenian, alas, is not among them. The speech-language pathologist had a feeling that he was just adjusting to the multilingual environment, never actually having had a first language, and he was just getting ready. She was right. You know, every once in a while professionals really know better. (Quite often, really.) He has new words, expressions and grammar each day. He is catching up with his sister, so now they actually have conversations. It's funny to listen to two 3-year-olds talking about Serious Things (TM). Like... Is Barbie (the doll) a boy or a girl? Are pink or brown doughnuts tastier? Hubbas or Balamory?

Mentioning Balamory, is there anyone else whose kids watch it? We are in a big turmoil over whether old Josie or new Josie was the better. To be honest, I didn't care much for the character, I much prefer PC Plum. And Miss Hoolie.

In about a month Chanukah is here. We have started to prepare for it, and we are getting excited!


  1. Rain is nice when you don't have to go outside just sit inside the warm, cosy room and watch it. That said, I love getting soaked in summer downpours :)

    Great news about Ezra!

    Who or what is Balamory?

  2. Old Josie, there is something about the New Josie that I (And the kids I watch it with) just don't like as much, Gen (10 now but the same episodes have been cycled for years, since she was the right age) says "Maybe her voice?"

    Really, I think she just suffers from being second... the kids I know are creatures of habit!

  3. @Bozót, Balamory is a kid show that was produced by BBC Scotland. It was available on BBC Prime, too, till recently, it might still be airing there. We have the DVDs, and my kids love it. The target audience is pre-school age, but it's so charming my older kids love it, too.

    @Kath, I think it's the silly pink glasses that I can't stand about Josie.

  4. The pink glasses are awful. Plus, they aren't even Josie's colour, everyone else who has a major accessory that they always wear has to accesorise with their colour, like Miss Hoolie has her green hat, coat and umbrella and Spencer's hat is orange, so pink glasses should belong to Archie.

    ... I have spent way too much time watching Balamory. Have you discovered In The Night Garden? I find it strangely hypnotic.



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