Sunday, November 13, 2011

It All Started With The Big Bang

  1. When I got home from work, my older kids who were already home were watching The Big Bang Theory. It is one of my favourite shows, and I have it on DVD. My older boys seem to like it, especially Yonah, who is going to study aero-space engineering and is a science geek. Some of the other boys don't get the science related jokes at all, but they all have fun watching it.
  2. I made them help out to make a Hungarian potato casserole, aka "layered potatoes", which involve a lot of slicing of potatoes, and canbe done while watching four crazy geeks using the internet to turn their hifi on and off. :) So yeah, that's what's for dinner.
  3. Nirel has been struggling with math big time in school. Any hope of actually sitting the Bagrut, let alone passing it, seems to be slipping away. I am almost sure that I'm more bothered about than I should, or than Nirel is concerned. He is currently enjoying referring to himself as a hyperactive flamingo. I think The Big Bang Theory and an ADHD diagnosis are to blame for that.
  4. I can't believe this week is going to be this long. :(
  5. Today I woke up to this song with my coffee:
  6. I'm back in the negotiation phase with the previously mentioned publisher about the book. So I'm not just completely lazy, I am still not sure what I can post on blogs.


  1. Love the new blog layout Hevel. I hardly recognized it!



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