Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Again makes me happy, again!

So today is the day that Harel Skaat’s new album, “Happy Again” was released. This is a concept album, with 7 songs, centering around love and relationships in this 21st century. 4 of those were released as singles already, but the last three, oh my, were such pleasant surprises! I love them!
On this site all 7 of the songs of the new album can be heard. I have been doing that all morning (chemo day…) as I haven’t been able to pick up my own copy yet!  כדורי המואר is my favourite song so far (the third from top), because it’s, once again, simply beautiful! OK, so I know it’s not a very professional review, but what do you expect from me? I’m a fan!
All in all, my least favourite song from the album is still the first single,Love Awaits Me, which I found slightly weird at first. Now I don’t think it’sw weird, but the other songs are better! When it comes to videos,Ways is the best of the three. It’s simple and beautiful, a tiny bit reminding me of the video of Im Hu Yelech. That was a great video, also shot in black and white.
(Mentioning black and white, stay tuned for a review of Biljana Petrova’sawesome novella! What’s not to love about a story featuring a character called Miss Espresso?)
OK, back to what I was talking about. I love Mr. Skaat’s shoes on the cover photo. I have been eyeing a pair that looks similar, in Hungary again. I might just buy it.
Yes, I’m being distracted again. I’d better just get back to listening.

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