Wednesday, February 22, 2012

After a Bag of Hawaiian Splash Beenies …

…I’m high on sugar (yummy sugar, have you tried eating the pinapple and the coconut ones at the same time?) and artificial colouring (all kosher).
And I’m not alone with that. Since these yummies were on sale at  ₪1.70, everyone got a bag of these super yummy beenies. So there are all kinds of crazy and fun things happening, like Izhar getting a hair bow. The first cross-desser in the family, I might add. He also has a pink collar, so yes, someone is really in need of another girl her age in the family. :D
Matthew’s face is healing nicely. It looked really not good yesterday, but it started to improve this morning, and he was good about not touching all day, and it looks so much better now!
After work I went shopping to start getting ready for Purim. I bought an insane amount of krembos.
If you don’t know what krembos are, they are a cream filled, cookie based, chocolate covered wonder. They are sold in various flavours, and are very similar to some sweets sold under various names in many countries. The cream is like a light marshmallow cream. The most popular flavours are coffee (mocha) and vanilla. They are similar to “négercsók” in Hungary, of which I love both the  banana and strawberry varieties.
Krembos are very popular in Israel, and one of my favourite religious singers, Aharon Razel even wrote a song about them! And Krembo has its own Wikipedia article. And there are statistics about how Israelis eat them: 69% from top to bottom, 10% from the biscuit to the cream, and the rest however happen to feel at the moment. There are 9 krembos consumed per capita per annum in Israel, and if you consider that some of my kids hate it, the average krembo eater eats more than that! We eat it primarily in the winter, but I prefer them in the summer, too, straight from the fridge, nicely chilled… yes, they are excellent that way! So I bought two dozen krembos, and yes, I have some saved for Andi! All the rest is gone. And I wanted to take photos! The two youngest ones first frowned at them, but they warmed up to the coffee flavoured ones. They, like me, are not a fan of vanilla krembos, but they had no problem devouring a bunch of vanilla waffers.
I also bought some other things I’ll let Andi take photos of when she gets them. :D
Want to try one (that’s probably totally flattened in the mail)? Then stay tuned for my giveaway coming up in March!
Now off to watch The Voice with Kevin. Gotta love DVR!

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