Saturday, February 18, 2012

Big Family Brfeakfast Made Fun and Easy

I’m an avid Failbblog reader, and while I was reading back some, I found this awesome breakfast cake recipe. So I decided to make it this morning.
It was supposed to look like this:
epic win photos - WIN!: Breakfast Cakes WIN
Mine looked like this:
It tasted great, but I think next time I do it, I’ll change some things a tiny bit, especially since I had to use some substitutions.
1. Since I use margarine instead of butter, the bread is pretty bland. I’ll add some seasoning to the bread before adding the eggs.
2. Turkey bacon, if prepared fully in the skillet, burns before the eggs are done. So I’ll cook them only halfway through in the skillet.
3. It definitely doesn’t need to be in the oven as long as the recipe says.
It was a really nice breakfast with all the hiccups, and will definitely do it again. Soon.

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