Wednesday, April 28, 2010

30-Day Challenge Day 2

Day 02 — Your favorite movie.

I have been sitting here, after an exhausting day, trying to think what my favorite movie was. I can definitely recall what the last film I've seen was - Sherlock Holmes - or what films I have recently re-watched, but I have a hard time deciding which one my favorite one was. Waterdance? Memphis Belle? Project X? The Platoon? Inglourious Basterds? Enemy at the Gates? Gattaca? The Darwin Awards? Or was it Stargate?

I don't have a favorite movie. There are lots of films I love, but there isn't one I can just simply pick. So I had to ask my kids what my favorite movie was.

Craig said, "The Princess Bride."
Patrik said, "Valami Amerika."
Justin said, "Kung-fu Panda. You should really see it, Dad, it would be your favorite!" Yeah, I haven't seen it.
Matthew said, "You don't even watch movies!"

But I think, if I must pick one, it will be Ferris Bueller's Day Off!


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