Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is it only Tuesday?

  1. Today we celebrated Noa's 10th birthday with her school friends. Her birthday was on Friday, but because of a certain family tradition her birthday was celebrated on the 8th for years. So we celebrate both, and a larger family party will be on Friday. Her major gift was a huge, hand made doll house, with two families of dolls already living there. She spent the evening playing dolls with her little sister.
  2. 12 10-year-olds can eat a lot of food at McDonald's, especially if they rarely get junk food. Just letting you know.
  3. A Portugese, a Greek and an Irishman go to a bar and have a beer. Who pays? The German.
  4. If you don't get the above joke (thanks to all the Hungarian Facebook friends who post it), it means you don't live in the EU.
  5. You know why I think I might have a more serious injury to my wrist than just a bruise? I have tickets to Harel Skaat concerts! LOL, yeah, I hit my same wrist really bad this morning, and it's swolen and bruised. I really don't think it's broken, though, but Kevin is teasing me about getting a fluorescent cast on it.
  6. Two of my boys are visiting Tzfat with their school tomorrow. Tzfat is beautiful, one of the four holy cities of Judaism. It's one of my favourite cities in Israel, a place we visit every chanukah and at least once in the summer. A place filled with Jewish mysticism, the place where Lecha Dodi was first sung. I can't wait to go in December. It's also a city where I wouldn't want to live. But it's nice to visit.
  7. On Friday Kevin and I went to see the Idan Raichel Project here in Tel Aviv. They were great, and we didn't only have a blast at the concert, we also met some American expats living here.
  8. My dog ate my homework. I never thought I would ever use that excuse, but this time it's true. No, it wasn't my university stuff, it was the lamb marinade for the cooking course Kevin and I are taking.
  9. November is apparently Adoption Awareness Month somewhere. I guess that somewhere is the USA. This month is making me kind of angry with all the untruths, half truths, truths applying to a specific group or situation being presented as general truths and the outright lies that are being propagated a lot more frequently than normally. While many times--not always--these are posted with good intentions, in the long term they ar enot helping orphans.
  10. Baby Harel pulled up to standing.
  11. Next weekend we'll have both of the army boys home for the weekend at the same time!

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