Monday, November 7, 2011

  1. You know why I think I might have a more serious injury to my wrist than just a bruise? I have tickets to Harel Skaat concerts! LOL, yeah, I hit my same wrist really bad this morning, and it's swolen and bruised. I really don't think it's broken, though, but Kevin is teasing me about getting a fluorescent cast on it.
  2. I am also running an unrelated fever.
  3. Two of my boys are visiting Tzfat with their school tomorrow. Tzfat is beautiful, one of the four holy cities of Judaism. It's one of my favourite cities in Israel, a place we visit every chanukah and at least once in the summer. A place filled with Jewish mysticism, the place where Lecha Dodi was first sung. I can't wait to go in December. It's also a city where I wouldn't want to live. But it's nice to visit.
    tzfat sunset
  4. Recommend me something to read.
  5. Harel Skaat is not a midget. It's Idan Roll, who is tall!
  6. I just bought two large containers (850 g I think) of sour cream, as in this morning, and they are practically gone. A piece of bread and sour cream seems to be a popular dinner here.
  7. Yes, some of my kids are from Hungary. :D
  8. I can't wait for the new video for Harel Skaat's song 21st Century. Yes, I'm pathetic.
  9. Actually, I am done with 100 kipot for Craig's bar mitzvah and the fundraisers. Hoever, because of certain things, we, as a family, don't feel like we should support the organization we originally planned to.


  1. Book recommendation: Out of Shadows by Jason Wallace.

  2. Sour cream....Don't get me started LOL

    Hope your wrist gets better! Though a fluorescent cast would be cool :)



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