Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shabbat Shalom, or a Saturday of Relative Calm

Yesterday my two oldest boys got in to TA mid morning by bus needed to be picked up at the place where they are stationed. For some odd reason both of them either missed their ride or missed their bus in the morning. Amir, who was supposed to get a ride, was in a worse situation, because he is clear out in the South, and there weren't many bus options. We were lucky that my SIL Maya's parents were coming to visit for the weekend, and they made a little detour to pick Amir up. They got in just about 30 minutes later than Amir would have gotten in after taking a bus from where his ride would have dropped him off. I'm very grateful for the helpfulness of the Sharabi family, too. They have always been wonderful to our family. I hope one day I can return at least a little bit of their kindness!

With Sam we found out that if the birthday girl Noa and I went to pick him up, we'd get back before the next bus would get in, and would be only a few minutes late for Noa's party. So Noa and I drove to get Sam and on the way back Noa was treated to a special soda and chips snack by Sam. It is wonderful to see these "troubled youngsters" being so loving and caring with the younger kids and really feeling like they are home. We sure are proud of them and their determination to succeed in life. 

So Noa had a blast already in the morning, which isn't surprising: she got top travel front seat and listen to Yehonathan (aka Gatro). It was her pick, too.  

We had a lovely time with several cousins and friends to celebrate Noa's birthday. I can't believe it's only two short years till her Bat Mitzvah! Just the other day she was an 8-year-old setting foot on Israeli soil for the first time...

Last night was fun when the Sharabis and my brother and SIL hung out with us in the garden. It was not the warmest evening, but it was nice. We had a great conversation about... lots of things, but it all started with Bella listening to 21st Century and how I mentioned The Great Gatsby in my blog post about it. We talked about society and culture, we talked about aging and the anti-aging mentality. It was lovely and we had a lovely time.

Today went by in a whirlwind. A nice breakfast that was mostly prepared by the middle kids, eaten outside with my brother's family and in-laws, playing in the sand, enjoying the nice 20+°C weather, and finally framing and hanging up the poster with the prayer for the IDF soldiers that I got a few years ago.
The prayer in full can be read in this beautiful video, set to a contemporary tune of the Ana Bekoach prayer. (The words of the song are not the same as the English text added to it.)

Just a few weeks and we'll get to see both boys again. They won't be able to come home next weekend, and we won't be able to visit during the week, but they will get visitors. It's a surprise who it will be for both boys. :) It was all too soon when Kevin had to take them back to the bus station. They both just called that they got safely back to their place, and found the little gifts that the kids put in their backpacks. And tomorrow... we'll have some lone soldiers stop by to do laundry! Bella is baking some cheese muffins for them to snack on and take back with them. 

So yes, it was a calm and quiet Shabbat. 

Shavua tov, everyone!

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